Who We Are

What Is Our Approach

We provide the right kind of dexterity and ingenuity required for your needs. Our approach is tailor-made for your company's requirements. Some samples of what we can do for you…

  • Web surveys / Face-to-face interviews / Street intercept / Dip stick polls / Telephone interviews / Focus group discussions / In-depth interviews / Mystery shopping / Traffic count
  • Eliciting customer & market insights (e.g., customer satisfaction, employee equity and loyalty modeling).
  • Pioneer in operationalizing customer advocacy as a distinct metric to advance the field of customer satisfaction research.
  • Consulting – Brand strategy
  • Wide capabilities in the areas of Customer Satisfaction, Advocacy & Loyalty research, Advertising & Brand and other ad-hoc research
  • Implicit research – Geofencing, Video Analytics, Facial Recognition, Eye Tracking technologies