What we do

Global Market Survey

Whether you are an already established MNC or a start-up; whether you are launching a product or a campaign; it is imperative that you understand the target audience completely and know the market situation too.
Our global market survey helps formulate informed decisions and give you answers to questions that need to be asked

Why Choose Us?

MR-AP is well-established name in the market and we believe in offering the maximum to esteemed clients through market prices, identifying market research needs, implementing right programs, and also providing the report findings. Some of our exclusive features that help clients to get paramount information are:
  • Reliability: Anybody can get data with some online app, but there is no guarantee of the truthfulness and relevance of the data. With our Global Market survey in Singapore is a great tool that comprises of different target groups essential for different sectors. This guarantees your money's worth. We ensure that our surveys are error free and give you the clearest real time information
  • Relevance: Our survey questions are created based exclusively on the client's requirements. We have a repository of reliable target audience spread throughout the world. We help to give you quality assessment by extending the opportunity to genuine target audience of your business. We understand the objective of the exercise and compile a list of questions both objective and subjective to present a clear idea about respondent's thought process.
  • Reserved:We understand the need for privacy for the clients. We are discreet and hence we conduct global market survey without revealing the identity of your firm. Confidentiality agreement and disclosures are signed before they take the survey.