What we do

Research Methodologies

The research methodologies can be divided into 2 broad categories. These are exactly opposite of each other's.

Eye Tracking

It is the process of measuring eye movements. Data collection happens by using an ‘eye tracker' (remote or head mounted). No matter what type of tracker is used, the common elements involved are a light source and a camera. The camera tracks the reflection of the light source (infrared and directed towards the eye) along with visible ocular features Additional information such as blink frequency and changes in pupil diameter are also detected by the eye tracker.

Mobile Analytics

Quite similar to web analytics, mobile analytics passively studies the users' behaviour of visiting websites on her/his phone. This is usually done once the user gives the consent to be monitored. This method captures data from mobile app, website, and web app by studying the frequency of visit and the time spent on the said app.

Speech Analysis

Software that analyses recorded calls to understand the verbal and non-verbal cues buried in the conversation. The information is normally used to decipher customer's emotions towards the product/service. More often than not, call centres use this to maintain quality and keep a tab on the execs taking calls.

Facial Analysis

Emotional/facial analysis uses cognitive science, machine learning, and computer vision to study the micro expressions and provide a reading of positive, negative, and neutral emotions expressed by the user.

Emotion Analysis

Emotions are not static but are constantly changing and evolving. Emotion analysis narrows down the minute changes based on the intensity of people's feeling towards a product/brand/service. The software used collates data from social platforms, blogs and other available digital portals and creates meaningful insights.

Digital Tracking

Anonymity and privacy is imperative. MR-AP tracks users with their explicit consent. Our software passively tracks websites and pages the participant visits, the ads they view or skip and for how long they remain on a particular page. Digital tracking basically allows observation of digital behaviour of participants in a natural (non-staged) environment. Insights are developed with the data extracted from this software.

Automated Audience Solutions

A computerized solution that allows us to collect and segregate information like gender, age, duration of visiting the area and others about the audience visiting the area. The software uses simple video sensor to count actual viewers and overall opportunities to see (OTS).


Neuroscience is study the development and function of the nervous system, which includes the brain, spinal cord, and nerve cells throughout the body. This field of study has now joined forces with other fields like medicine, engineering, computer science, philosophy and others, to come up with interdisciplinary solutions to problems.


Neuromarketing is a method which allows the researcher to extract unspoken reactions by measuring the subconscious and unconscious responses. No direct communication is needed for this. The participant wears an EEG head-mount device. The device records brainwaves across the cortex, taking in data points at a rate of 2,000 times per second.

Social Media Insights

A robust 360° research cannot be considered complete without the insights received from social media. Companies need to listen to customers more effectively and respond more rapidly than the competition. Social media listening provides answers to critical questions. At MR-AP, our insights team handles brand and competitor monitoring, influencer and customer analysis, demographics, crisis monitoring and online reputation managements for our clients.